Kitchen Design / Remodeling

Aseity Construction knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home and is often the most used spot for family and friends gathering. The Kitchen is the most requested room in the home for renovation. While a renovation can be daunting, a kitchen renovation will increase the price of your property. Renovation can also offer extra working space, better design, improve safety as well as dream come true for many families.

Bathroom Design / Remodeling

Aseity Construction recognizes that for many home owners a bathroom has now become a place that represents calm and serenity. Families are creating bathrooms that are not only functional but also enjoyable. It is no wonder why bathroom renovations are now growing in popularity. A bathroom renovation can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. Renovation can also give you the opportunity to correct unsafe features such as faulty flooring, poor lighting, and mold. A professional bathroom remodel will bring more luxury into your home.

Floor Installation

Aseity construction knows that flooring is an important feature in a beautiful home. New flooring will add beauty to your home. Home owners are also now focusing on styles such as traditional or modern as well as durability and maintenance. Flooring is a practical feature that needs to perform well and last over time. It is only a matter of deciding on materials use such as hard wood, laminate or ceramics.

Let us assist you in making your choice.

Things to think about bathrooms

• Fixtures – lighting, shower fixtures, mirror
• Tubs / Showers
• Flooring
• Use of space
• Incorporation luxury and modern features
• Budget

Things to think about Kitchens

• Design – Modern , traditional
• Materials
• Cabinets - Paint or Stain
• Flooring
• Use of Space / Functionality
• Budget

Things to think about Flooring

• Material
• Style – modern, traditional, light , dark
• Durability
• Environment
• Maintenance
• Budget

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